What is the difference. There are so many cutters on the market today it's easy to get confused. I have tried various ones and have given them a review below.
  • Creative Memories cutters, they are used to cut various circles or shapes for your background papers or for your photographs. I find these a bit on the expensive side and not that easy to use. You have to hold a template shape and then click in the blade cutter into a slot on the template which then you have to move around the shape while the blade cuts. This is easy for a octopus but not easy for the human.
  • Fiskars shape cutter or Ultra Shape Express is a space ship design device that you cup in one hand and then you have a A4 size template with various size shapes on it, you place the template on a craft mat and then place your paper under your template then with the Fiskars shape cutter you follow the inside of the template, the shape cutter has a small blade that can move 360 degrees, so it just moves with your hand. The main advice with this cutter is to ensure that you have the blade going in the right direction before you start cutting, this will ensure you get a even start cut. To do this you just run the cutter along your craft mat in the direction you will start cutting.
  • Craft knife, if you don't do a lot of scrapbooking, or expenses are a concern you can easily just use a craft knife, which you can pick up at one of craft supplies as advertised here.  Craft knifes are easy enough to use with a ruler, you may just need to outline your shape by using a glass upturned or a saucer from the kitchen, then cut out your shape using your craft knife.

That's it for now enjoy your scrapbooking and have a look at the online craft stores mention here.